interestedYear: interestedYear, error: function(error, type, exception) { data: JSON.stringify({ The Kashiwa campus was established in 1998, and in 2001, the Institute of Industrial Science was relocated to the Komaba location. } UTokyo received 8,126 applications in the PG courses in 2021 and accepted 3,323 applications for the same (40.89%). }); GRE Exam Fee jQuery('#errorMobileModal').html('Mobile should not be more than 10'); previousClassStatus: previousClassStatusModal, } jQuery(".chosen-select").chosen(); } Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. else { University of Tokyo is a preferred choice for many high school students due to its spacious, comfortable campus, top-notch academic programs, and prestigious institution. Resend OTP url: "", There has been an increase in the total number of applications since the PEAK program was launched in 2012, with 238 applicants. The University of Tokyo was founded in 1877 and since then it go on to be Japan's leading university. jQuery('#errorOtp').html(''); return false; National University of Singapore Acceptance Rate Joshua Rommel Hayag Vargas, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore, CC BY-SA 4.0 At NUS, students have a wide range of multi-disciplinary programs, including over 70 degree courses.These innovative programs use knowledge and research to improve lives in collaboration with the world's leading universities. University of Tokyo Acceptance Rate. } else { It is estimated that 20% of the students do get accepted. Natsume Sseki, born Natsume Kin'nosuke ( ), was a Japanese novelist. Also known as UTokyo, the educational institute has established itself as a leading research university that caters to various academic disciplines. setTimeout(function() { Writing a Successful SOP for France Visa Find a Japanese university to apply to. Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a 7.9% acceptance rate of the 19,020 applicants. IGP (C) offers master's, doctoral, and integrated doctoral education programs of 18 departments in which students are able to further their research and acquire broader knowledge and understanding. As reference, the acceptance rate for the Harvard University was estimated at 4.6% in the 2019-2020 admission cycle! var englishTestStatus = jQuery('#englishTestStatus').val(); }, The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world ranking placed it at number 23 in the World Universities list 2023. }), 36012. Admissions; Culture; Research; Campus . }); PhD . jQuery('#otpForm')[0].reset(); Osamu Dazai was a Japanese author. contentType: "application/json", } interestedCountries: interestedCountries, However, getting in touch with the respective institute can clarify these requirements, such as IELTS score, SAT score. jQuery("#countries").html(rowsBody); jQuery('#enquiryFormSubmitModal').show(); When she is not working, she can be found in the hills or beaches, lending ears to the sounds of nature and accommodating the inspirational stories of the people. This university has five graduate schools and four undergraduate faculties that offer amazing courses. jQuery('.mobileModal').keypress(function(e) { ScD Doctor of Science. return false; event.preventDefault(); '); evt.which : evt.keyCode His works include the novels Confessions of a Mask (, Kamen no kokuhaku) and The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (, Kinkaku-ji), and the autobiographical essay Sun and Steel (, Taiy to tetsu). GMAT Exam Eligibility You will need a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5 to study at UTokyo. Comprising 10 faculties and 15 graduate schools, the University of Tokyo gives ample choices to its aspirant applicants to choose a degree program of their preference. data: JSON.stringify({ These courses have also gained a lot of popularity and include: Important Articles on Studying Abroad jQuery('#errorMobile').html('Please Enter Your Mobile'); document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; type: "POST", type: "POST", jQuery('#errorMobile').html('Please Enter Your Mobile'); var email1 = email.substring(0, email.indexOf("@")); Share Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. parseInt(jQuery('#newcountdown').html('60')); Contact your desired Graduate School directly for detailed information. if (email == '') { }else{ sourceModal = 'upgrad-study-abroad-France'; 4,200 of whom are international students, and has 10 faculties, 15 graduate schools. } jQuery.ajax({ The University of Tokyo was established in the year 1877 as the first national university. Of those accepting their offer of a place at Oxford in 2020-21, 3,374 (50.4%) were male and 3,323 (49.6%) were female. registrationId = result.registrationId; return false; var countryName = ''; countryCode: countryCodeModal, jQuery('#new_counter_div_Modal').css('display', 'block'); jQuery('.loader').show(); '); }else if(countriesData == 'IRL'){ token: token This applies to those opting for an online application also. var url = window.location.href; . jQuery('#errorEmail').html('Invalid Email'); So, some preparation beforehand is necessary if the candidate wishes for their application to stand out. }, } Neha Uppal is a passionate content creator and editor. } 0 jQuery('#errorEmailModal').html(''); }else if(email.charAt(0) == '. source = 'upgrad-study-abroad-Australia'; jQuery('#errorOtp').html(''); var englishTestStatusModal = jQuery('#englishTestStatusModal').val(); Candidates are advised to prepare the documents beforehand to avoid any hassle later. jQuery('#errorEmailEducationLevel').html(''); Graduate School of Medicine. Study Options High school diploma or equivalent and entrance examination, April to March (April - September; October-March) / October-September (for some programmes), Enrolment fee, 282,000; tuition, undergraduate and graduate (Masters programmes and Professional programmes), 535,800, graduate (Doctorate programs) (excluding Law School), 535,800, Law School students, 804,000 per annum (JPY), Agriculture, Arts and Humanities, Economics, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine, Pharmacology, Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Arts and Humanities, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Law, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Technology, Medicine, Nuclear Engineering, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physics, Public Administration, Agriculture, Arts and Humanities, Communication Studies, Economics, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Literature, Medicine, Nuclear Engineering, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). return false; Among these. The University of Tokyo also modified its D&I statement to establish the value of diversity in its talent pool. 3. sourceModal = 'upgrad-study-abroad-Germany'; beforeSend: function(response) { Yokohama National University is one . GRE Registration if (error.status == 429) { Every university has different requirements. beforeSend: function(response) { }, 1000); var mobile = jQuery('#mobile').val(); See our complete list of reports. jQuery('#errorOtpModal').html(''); jQuery('#errorEmailEducationLevel').html(''); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. }); if(interestedEducationLevelModal == ''){ But over the years, the organization has strived to increase the University of Tokyo acceptance rate. A number of his most popular works, such as The Setting Sun (Shay) and No Longer Human (Ningen Shikkaku), are considered modern-day classics. } return true; Please retry after sometime. Our goal is to provide data needed for thoughtful planning; we also want to call attention to key trends and issues, both local and national. When she is not working, she can be found in the hills or beaches, lending ears to the sounds of nature and accommodating the inspirational stories of the people. Our goal is to make new discoveries and inform the world . Also, 15 of Japan's 62 prime ministers were educated at the University of Tokyo, and five alumni have gone on to become astronauts. }), name: fullName, She is an avid reader, and her interests in books range from sci-fi to inspirational biographies. var fullName = jQuery.trim(jQuery('#fullName').val()); However, tuition fees are calculated per year. The University of Tokyo is considered to be the most prestigious university in Japan. if (error.status == 429) { /* Ajax Request for Otp Verify */ The applicants have to provide the complete detail to fill out the application completely. }else if(fullName.length - fullName.replace(/\s+/g, '').length){ }else if(countriesData == 'USA'){ Your email address will not be published. Share Please Select Education Level The courses have been developed with cutting-edge content and are taught by the highly professional faculty of UTokyo. }, 60000); '){ Main academic topics: Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering. jQuery('#errorOtp').html('The OTP you have entered is not matching with the one sent to your mobile. jQuery('#gaClick').trigger('click'); jQuery.ajax({ jQuery('#errorEmail').html('Invalid Email'); }), jQuery('#errorOtp').html('Incorrect otp,please enter 4 digit otp'); PTE Exam return false; beforeSend: function(response) { } else { Therefore, it is no surprise that the institution offers multiple foundation, intermediary, integrated, and thematic courses. return false; }else if(countriesData == 'AUS'){ if (fullName == '') { } Tuition for a graduate student comes up to the same as an undergraduate student with a slightly higher exam fee at 30,000. The enrollment process differs depending on the course and instructor. jQuery('#errorOtp').html('The OTP you have entered is not matching with the one sent to your mobile. url: "", return false; GMAT Registration jQuery('#errorEmail').html('Invalid Email'); source = 'upgrad-study-abroad-France'; Graduate Programs In-Depth. applies to the Graduate programs also. } IELTS Exam Pattern jQuery('#resend_otp').click(function() { }else if(countriesData == 'GBR'){ Students will have the unique opportunity of taking a degree from the University of Tokyo with lectures and research conducted completely in English. window.location.href = url; }), Princeton University will increase graduate fellowship and stipend rates by an average of 25% to about $40,000 for doctoral candidates during the Liked by Yuki Haba New Year, New Role! utmMedium: utmMedium, Country interestedEducationLevel: interestedEducationLevel, }else if(countriesData == 'FRA'){ University Hospital. jQuery('#errorMobileModal').html('Please Enter Your Mobile'); }); jQuery('#errorOtp').html(''); source: source, jQuery('#countdown').html(count - 1); return false; }, 7000); var interestedCountries = countries; }else if(countriesData == 'AUS'){ jQuery('#enquiryFormModal')[0].reset(); jQuery('#newcountdown').html(count - 1); Data retrieved August 2021. Acceptance Rate of University of Tokyo was 21%. data: JSON.stringify({ jQuery('#newcountdown').html(count - 1); var interestedYear = jQuery('#interestedYear').val(); 30,096 individuals applied to one or more graduate programme. jQuery('#resend_otp_Modal').attr("disabled", true).css('cursor', 'not-allowed') Would you still like to study at the University of Tokyo in 2023? jQuery('#counter_div').css('display', 'block'); Interested Education Level UTokyo also provides four top-rated Global Summer Programs (GSP) by the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). Pharmaceutical Sciences. }else if(countriesData == 'CAN'){ Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. GMAT Syllabus }), Email The University of Tokyo has an acceptance rate of 35%, enrollment - 28,171, founded in 1877. Please Select Education Level } else if (otpModal.length < 4) { }else if(countriesData == 'other'){ Princeton prepares graduate students for distinguished careers in research and teaching, and as leaders in the public and private sectors. jQuery('#errorEmailEducationLevelModal').html('Please Select Education Level'); } }else if (mobile.length < 10) { '); TOEFL Exam Pattern contentType: "application/json", The University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine consists of the Department of Medicine and the School of Integrated Health Sciences. var ASCIICode = (evt.which) ? Since the PEAK program was established in 2012 with 238 applicants, there has been an increase in the total number of applications. jQuery('#errorMobileModal').html(''); jQuery('.search-choice span').each( function (){ var interval; return false; if(fullName == '' && mobile == '' && email == '' && interestedEducationLevel == '' && countries == ''){ Country token = result.token; According to the most recent data, the acceptance rate for September 2021 was 25.2%. National University of Singapore Fees The strict University of Tokyo acceptance rate applies to the Graduate programs also. One would expect the acceptance rate of such an esteemed university to be low. Administrative Division, Engineering Division. countryName: countryName, jQuery('#counter_div').css('display', 'none'); 60seconds Neha Uppal is a passionate content creator and editor. return false; }); 0 0 Website }, 1000); beforeSend: function(response) { var kk = e.which;

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