The recruitment effort includes recruiting expectant mothers for Early Head Start. Head Start Policy & Regulations. 221 B St, Springfield, OR 97477, Administration by Department (Operation/Transportation/Etc. How does your program's selection criteria and procedures support the fulfillment of this requirement? So, that's clarified in this final rule. The ERSEA Specialist certifies eligibility and assures it concurs with client and data system information. endobj STAFF AND PROGRAM MONITORING. Catherine: There is. As the ERSEA Associate, the selected candidate is responsible for completing eligibility applications accurately for children and families of the Head Start program. <> Selection of over-income children is based on need and limited to 45% of a program's funded enrollment (45 CFR 1302.12). The Office of Head Start (OHS) also offers direction through Program Instructions (PIs) and Information Memorandums (IMs). Arrowhead Head Start Policy Council - Policy and Procedure Manual By Laws Head Start Training Library and Webinars Policies and Procedures Service Plans. l{o(HgI:=U~z"(j D! Community assessment and eligibility data are used to understand the service needs of SNAP recipients and over-income applicants. Research salary, company info, career paths, and top skills for ERSEA/Family Service Specialist Board Policy 2520P - Administrative Procedure for ERSEA; Board Policy 2530 - Review and Approve Funding Applications; Board Policy 2540 - Establishing . Communication takes place in a sensitive and culturally responsive manner. This position is accountable for managing Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance (ERSEA) activities for the Head Start Program. hM =L@QkUN^7;y \ Age eligibility requirements: a. To give Head Start and Early Head Start Directors, Managers, Coordinators and Supervisors an understanding of the requirements of ERSEA including recent changes as a result of national attention. Ensure the compliance of Head Start Performance Standards related to Family Partnership Agreements, Family Engagement, and ERSEA. Recruitment Flyer: North. In collaboration with the Head Start Director, the Executive Director will ensure the governing body, any advisory committee members, and the policy council are provided appropriate training and technical assistance to include: 1. Eligibility Verification Form 2022-2023. . We have made these documents available onlineas our partner agencies, affiliates, and other Head Start organizations may find them useful. endobj The research shows that all children benefit, both low income andhigher income children, and their families benefit if income groups are mixed, so this makes it clearthat programs can consider accepting private pay from families who are not Head Start eligible. According to the Head Start Program Performance Standards, a program must ensure at least 10% of its total funded enrollment is filled by children eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Program Management and Fiscal Operations, Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, Head Start Collaboration Offices and State Systems, Exploring the Head Start Program Performance Standards. ntEa,@u5W'"c(WQ4d.,tX(lI|Y]yk>n8gQ,B How does your program's training and professional development system make sure strategic and responsive selection criteria practices are approved by leadership and maintained by staff? endobj H\0X8(&]EhpIjhd8yYP bwR?{N.mVI/}rw};}qzH/~m>[4~8^5M~7~6W{9t6O[1/%etQW/7Z3v:\Zl5$y8X^W+Vo7@ @ @ @ @ @ a-ZYAVdYAV9KY,;';%Z"jtq8rLO=gk}BI? %PDF-1.5 This assessment tool will help programs improve ERSEA services by identifying and enrolling the children most in need of Head Start services. Classes with 18-20 children will have no more than 50% of 3-year-old children at the beginning of the program year. Reports To: ERSEA Manager/EHS Director. * Take part in the development of policies and procedures, when necessary . 11 0 obj ERSEA: Moving Beyond Implementation. If you have any questions about our policies please Contact Us. <> Right. General Responsibilities: Responsible for the development, supervision, coordination, and implementation of the Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA) and Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) component as required by the Head Start program Performance Standards and state and federal mandates. PY 2021-2022 SOUTHERN OREGON HEAD START Policies & Procedures: ERSEA PAGE 2 OF 4 Reviewed 09/08/2021 S.F. Education Service Center Region 15 is dedicated to excellence in education through leadership, partnership, and service. ERSEA governs how programs determine eligibility, enroll children, and track attendance. <> Supports CAPSLO's mission by ensuring that the Migrant Head Start programs are properly administered and ES maintains effective relationships with families. endobj 7 0 obj Head Start Family Advocate . Position Purpose To apply professional expertise and over-sight in the ERSEA (Enrollment, Recruitment, Selection, Eligibility and Attendance) Department, ensuring that the agency complies with all regulations per applicable Performance Standards. Research salary, company info, career paths, and top skills for Early Head Start Family Services and ERSEA Coordinator After a program determines it's service area, it needs to assess thecommunity. The Office of Head Start (OHS) also offers direction through Program Instructions (PIs) and Information Memorandums (IMs). The ERSEA Coordinator assures that our program is fully enrolled . endstream endobj 1175 0 obj <>stream 230 Court Street Paintsville, Kentucky 41240 Phone: 606-789-1600 Fax: 606-789-5192. Management and staff who make Eligibility Determinations must be trained within 90 days of hire. Prefill your email content below, and then select your email client to send the message. 5 0 obj Policies & Procedures Policy Council Record Review School Readiness Staff Recognition Program Forms Big Sandy Area Community Action ProgramsHead Start Forms Adobe Acrobat Reader software is needed to access the forms on this page. Families, staff, and community members guide the development of selection policies andprocedures that prioritize equity. Recruitment Flyer: Central. ERSEA Eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance (ERSEA) tasks are some of the most important work performed by Head Start programs. Durango, Colorado, United States. Policies & Procedures - Head Start of Lane County Policies & Procedures Index to Policies & Procedures We have made these documents available online as our partner agencies, affiliates, and other Head Start organizations may find them useful. Find a Head Start job near you or anywhere in the U.S. Head Start Showcase: ERSEA Download the video [MP4, 66MB] Download the transcript View the transcript Listen as Catherine Hildum and Elizabeth Borda Rivera present an overview of Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA). 15. . SUMMARY Under the supervision of the PFCE/ERSEA Manager, the Family Advocate is responsible for implementation of the Parent Family Community Engagement goals and framework. HHS has made the first holistic revision and complete reorganization of the Performance Standards since they were originally published in 1975. Elizabeth: This clarifies a 10 percent total funded enrollment is for Head Start and Early Head Startprogram grantee. <> Prefill your email content below, and then select your email client to send the message. x Om $2500 Hiring Incentive. Elizabeth: So programs should determine if it's appropriate and feasible to serve mixed income groups. x\n8}=+U"{.w:>;v9Ko)Y"%EA'*bN,su;lpX>~]?o]=|[_}Z>oa->_zws}}y 3%i_?DOBI"1T8Wal|mSt>/l{,}dnBv+@OGX~ZD~>r7W^^. Required procedure for completion of 45-day screening requirements, Services to Pregnant Women, Post-Partum Visit, Mandatory Prior Approval for Withdrawal of Services for Persistently Aggressive Behavior, Pregnant Women-Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Screening, Consent for Mental Health Consultation Services, Delegate Monitoring and Corrective Action, Mandatory Utilization of ChildPlus Database, Updating Teaching Staff Rosters in ChildPlus, Data Collection and Entry for Health Information and Head Start Requirements, Early Head Start Continuity of Care and Head Start Multi-Age Grouping, Change of Enrollment; Transfer of Participant, Parent Reimbursement for Special Meetings, Governing Body Dispute Resolution and Impasse, Composition, Election and Transition of Parent Committee, Structure, Roles and Responsibilities of the Governing Board and Advisory Committee, Family Service Staff Professional Development, Family and Community Engagement Monitoring Report, Criminal Background Check Requirements for Employees, Consultants, and Contractors, Qualification Requirements for Center-based Teaching Staff, Requirements for Center-Based Teaching Staff Below Minimum Qualifications, Qualification Requirements for Family Service Workers, Requirements for Family Service Workers Below Minimum Qualifications, Safe Sleep Environments (Pictorial Guidance), Development of Safe Sleep Environment Policy, Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect Involving Program Staff, Tiers 1 and 2 Purchase Requisition Process, 600 Broadway, Suite 200Kansas City, MO 64105816-474-4240, A program of the Mid-America Regional Council. . 6. on Head Start and Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership eligibility, Head Start Program Performance Standards and ERSEA policies and procedures that include at minimum the following: Annual training for Head Start Administrator, Directors, other management staff, and any staff who determine Head Start eligibility to include: Catherine: Yeah, so it's a really good, as we've discussed earlier, there are a lot of provisions here,especially in ERSEA, that remove barriers for the attendance and enrollment of homeless children. Prefill your email content below, and then select your email client to send the message. This position must ensure they are completing applications following the Head Start Program Performance Standards and agency policies and procedures for ERSEA. Elizabeth: And now it must be reviewed annually, correct? The following factors influence the identification, selection and enrollment of Early Head Start children and families: 1) Early Head Start enrollment is small at each center 2) few vacancies occur and 3) waiting lists far exceed funded enrollment opportunities. Theystill, as always, need to serve their Head Start funded enrollment, but there are some really great 18 0 obj * Work with ERSEA Specialist, Family Services Managers and Teachers to promote enrollment and attendance. Apply to be an ERSEA (Enrollment, Recruitment, Selection, Eligibility, Attendance) Specialist with Utah Community Action. The Office of Head Start has expanded its interpretation of public assistance to include families participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This position must ensure they are completing applications following the Head Start Program Performance Standards and agency policies and procedures for ERSEA. Effective starting November 2016. ERSEA Insights Selection: Prioritizing Families with Responsive Policies and Criteria Programs must identify and enroll children and families who are most in need of Head Start services. Directives are about procedures associated to policies. Parent/Child Fees. Child Attendance. Community Partner Letters & Interest Forms. Safe Environment * Ensure facilities, materials, and equipment are safe . Currently the attendancesection focuses on developing a system, if average attendance falls below 85 percent, but the newfocus is really paying attention to promoting regular attendance for every child. 13 0 obj endobj Position. Federal Administrative Procedures. That section has now been aligned with the five year grant cycle. Search an archive of the former Head Start Program Performance Standards, and a collection of withdrawn IMs and PIs. Plan and provide training related to enrollment systems, policies and procedures for the department . Head Start: stServes children who are 3 or 4 years old by September 1 of the enrollment year. VxKlB7=7"~D\@L@ 1X>#cpH\+T+(4TZtV!s_qZP_C>$gQy*Aw-* BM"@in/ o;S?H! Elizabeth: Catherine, I love that. . PIs address specific requirements that Head Start and Early Head Start grantees and delegate agencies must implement in their programs. 14 0 obj H 8wBxlk|35. Foundations of ERSEA. <> These strategies and guiding questions will help programs implement thoughtful selection policies and procedures. The Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007 authorizes the Head Start program to promote the school readiness of low-income infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. V$$&+^H'+U"L dq/lH'!8 National Centers: Maintaining Online Pre-Application Guidance (2/22) Program Drop File Procedure (7/22) Recruitment Policy & Procedure (6/20) Proudly powered by . 9 0 obj Big Sandy Area Community Action Program Head Start. ESC Region 20 is located in San Antonio, TX. 8 0 obj Policies & Procedures: Policy Council: Record Review: School Readiness: Staff Recognition: BSACAP ERSEA Procedures. % ERSEA governs how programs determine eligibility, enroll children, and track attendance. National Centers: Catherine: It must be. ERSEA: Proven Techniques and Procedures This workshop will provide Head Start Personnel with the tools to recruit, enroll, and retain families through proven marketing techniques and strict adherence to the performance standards.

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